Faith – belif in GOD is always kept at the center of QUADCORE.
With spiritual guidance, we are given the confidence in ourselves and
the goals that we set regardless of any challenges.
Humility – no success is too great for us to forget our small beginning.
It is important to keep ourselves grounded, that in the event  that we face
a set back, our peers will offer encouragement instead of contempt.
Compassion – show concern for others, share in their personal experiences
and understand theif disposition. It is only through these measures that we will be able to extend our genuine brand of care and services
Balance – a proper work-life balance should be maintained as a reminder that we strive to be great not only for ourselves,but for our families and communities as well.
Teamwork – QUADCORE is not about individuality; instead, we are a group of individuals working together to achieve our common goal.
Excellence – our brand of service does not settle for nothing short of the best outcome.
Innovation – to help us realize our full potential, we shall utilize the best techniques and state of the art technology. We shall likewise enable our employees through improvement of their techinical knowledge and working 
Integrity - consistency in actions, values, methods, measures, principles,
expectations and outcome.
Resiliency – each engagement is performed until full completion.The stregnth of our buildings symbolize our company's ability to stand in the face of adversity.